mosquito bite

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a sting inflicted by a mosquito

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The fever is transmitted by mosquito bites and is common in tropical and subtropical parts of the world, being prevalent in around 100 countries, according to Public Health England (PHE).
He added: "Our Crack Hot Sponge Cake and Mosquito Bite Cups offer the market something different - and when used with sweet desserts products make a winning taste sensation.
This cycle in Reunion probably follows a denguelike model characterized by the absence of an animal reservoir and the ability to spread rapidly among humans through peridomestic mosquito bites.
The best treatment for a mosquito bite is to wash with soap and water.
Some of these potential students might have newspaper experience but want to switch to broadcasting without knowing the difference between a sound bite and a mosquito bite.
One mosquito bite can inflict the disease, he said.
Out Damn itch - It's rumoured that clear nail polish has the power to stop a mosquito bite from itching.
Indirect methods include comparing times of death of animals exposed to a mosquito bite with those infected parenterally with known doses and comparing the time between mosquito feeding and development of viremia with the time between needle injection and development of the same viremia level.
Insect repellent sprays make little difference, so I was sceptical about this product too, but five minutes after clicking on a particularly vicious mosquito bite, the itching had completely stopped.
He wrote his series of five sonnets (1914) whilst in the Royal Navy watching the bombardment of Antwerp, and he died en route to Gallipoli - ironically of a mosquito bite that turned bad.
A normal reaction to a bee sting or mosquito bite lasts a few hours, but these hours can be quite painful and itchy.
Her modern, abstract art, which can fetch up to $15,000, has been compared to Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky: The itchy redness of a mosquito bite, fragile sand castles crumbling under the sun, fireworks detonating in a summer sky, clumps of sugary candies and lollipops.
STAR running back Warren Keen owes his Scottish Claymores' comeback to a mosquito bite.
So the heat of summertime is the perfect time to remember the Four D's of mosquito bite prevention.
London, May 16 (ANI): After a mosquito bite, malaria parasites first travel to the liver, multiply, then escape and invade red blood cells.