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Therefore, if Blucher ever sees the inside of a mosque, he will have to cast aside his humanity and go in his natural character.
The Moor goes to his mosque about noon on his Sabbath, as on any other day, removes his shoes at the door, performs his ablutions, makes his salaams, pressing his forehead to the pavement time and again, says his prayers, and goes back to his work.
Ye know, also, that when mosques are builded, asses bear the stones and the cement, and cross the sacred threshold.
Qani-Bay Al-Rammah Mosque on the obverse of LE 200 - Beshoy Fayez Qani-Bay Al-Rammah Mosque Islamic architecture reached its peak during the Mamluk era.
Organised by the Muslim Council of Wales, mosques across Wales opened their doors in the Visit my Mosque event.
Organised by the Muslim Council of Wales, mosques across the country opened their doors in the Visit My Mosque event.
WORK on a new mosque in Jid Ali has started despite the Capital Trustees Board deciding three years ago to build a park for residents of the area on the public land.
K-P Auqaf Secretary Syed Hidayat Jan told The Express Tribune that the financial support at the moment will only be extended to Jamia mosque imams.
The Architectural Digest has listed Azerbaijan's Bibi-Heybat mosque among the most beautiful mosques in the world.
A mosque is considered the center of political, religious and social life of the Muslim people.
CAIRO -- The 18th century Mosque of Mohammad Ali is a symbol of Cairo s prestige and glory and is one of the most renowned spots for tourists visiting Egypt.
JEDDAH: Quba mosque has a special and unique place in the hearts of Muslims due to its association with the prophet Muhammed -peace be upon him- as it is the first mosque ever built.
The following pages outline the top three initiatives implemented by mosque authorities across the Middle East to improve their facilities' energy savings.
The mosque is still maintaining its old architecture.
In Lahore, large gatherings of Friday prayers will be held at Data Darbar, Badshahi Mosque, Jamia Naeemia, Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria Town, Shuhada Mosque and Jamia Ashrafia.