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a cooperative Israeli village or settlement comprised of small farms

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Production quotas, which had ensured stable and high prices for agricultural products, were abolished, and moshav members were allowed to sublease their lands.
Advirtiendo la presencia de mi padre, me conto un viaje reciente con el suyo a la cercana aldea donde habia nacido, en 1947: "No queda nada, ni el nombre original Bait Mahsir; ahora es el Moshav Beit Meir.
Moshav Sharona, Israel, today announced their collaboration to develop advanced hybrid rice varieties.
Ada Stein further enriches the conversation in "Rooting the Rootless: The Absorption of Holocaust Survivors in Israeli Rural Settlements," an analysis of the assimilation of immigrants by the moshav movement that sheds light on a little explored topic.
The Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan, was born in a kibbutz and grew up in a Moshav (cooperative village).
Those who have visited Gafni's home and workshop in Moshav Ahituv, a settlement near Hadera on Israel's northern coast, and witnessed the colorful 20-pound bicycle in action agree that this two-wheel creation could revolutionize cycling in general and enhance methods of transportation in the developing world in particular.
Naturally, in strategic and financial terms, the vacant south was calling for settlers (see Rosen, "Far from") and became the homestead for three types of settlement: 1) co-operative-socialist kibbutz, 2) moshav (village), and 3) development town.
After World War I, the Dayan family moved to Nahalal, the first moshav or semi-cooperative in pre-state Israel where Moshe grew up.
If you want to get even more of a flavour of the nomadic life, Chan Darkey Ha Bsamim, near Moshav Tzofar in the Arava region, offers Bedouin-style accommodation, although the smart washrooms would leave the ancient traders very jealous.
8% 52,473 13,010 14,797 Table 2: From FSU capitals and large cities to Israel's periphery towns (Ministry of Absorption data, 2010) Places of Residence in Israel Small and midsized cities 74% Large Cities 24% Moshav, kibbutz 2% Places of Residence in Countries of Origin Small and midsized cities 37% Small towns 1% Capitals and large cities 62% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Logan went missing on Saturday in the archeological village of Moshav Mota,
An AP reporter saw two Israeli attack helicopters hovering above the Israeli border town of Moshav Avivim.
Yet in November 2008, the Israeli Supreme Court (in the Qa'adan case) ruled that an Arab family be allowed to rent a home from the Jewish Moshav Nevatim family despite his racist objections.
The eviction order for Fassuta was duly rescinded, while the residents of Deir El-Kasi were dispersed and their village renamed Moshav Elkosh (11 and 126).
The older men of the family, among them his father and two uncles who were killed by israeli army soldiers on January 4 and 5, worked in Israel until the 1990s in different localities, including Bat Yam, Moshav Asseret (near Gedera) and the 'Glicksman Plant.