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Synonyms for mosaic

art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass

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viral disease in solanaceous plants (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco) resulting in mottling and often shriveling of the leaves

a pattern resembling a mosaic

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transducer formed by the light-sensitive surface on a television camera tube

arrangement of aerial photographs forming a composite picture

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In St Mary's, George's mosaicists experimented with many of the ideas about the nature of the new monarchy that were later to be perfected in the Cappella Palatina.
Byzantine mosaicists, for example, were frequently employed to decorate Islamic mosques, such as the Dome of the Rock, the Umayyad Mosque of Damascus, Syria (706-714), and the Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain (begun c.
The international competition for young mosaicists organized by the Association Mosaico Oggi in cooperation with the local authorities of Bracciano and the University of Rome La Sapienza, which is biennial and in which Macedonia has been participating since 2005, took place for the third time this year in Bracciano, Italy.
The mosaicists employed more costly materials, like gold, glass tesserae and mother-of-pearl, in the central apse and less expensive cubes in the side apses, where the mosaics have not survived in their entirety.
For non-imperial art, the mosaicists could have relied on pattern books.