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Synonyms for mosaic

art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass

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viral disease in solanaceous plants (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco) resulting in mottling and often shriveling of the leaves

a pattern resembling a mosaic

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transducer formed by the light-sensitive surface on a television camera tube

arrangement of aerial photographs forming a composite picture

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Handed an initial mark of 74, Mosaicist raced prominently before taking it up well over a furlong out and winning by just over two lengths with her ears pricked.
Readers more familiar with Boccaccio's literary sources have described him as a literary mosaicist, a poet who works the structural or thematic tesserae of his source texts into a new composition through a sort of arte combinatoria.
A number of other former Dartmouth pupils have gone on to careers in art, including the Whadcock brothers, illustrator Ian and painter Richard, and mosaicist Martin Cheek.
They include willow furniture maker Kimberly Sotelo, raku potter Emma Luna, mosaicist Oscar Alvarado and home builder Billy Baca, who specializes in traditional mud floors.
Mediaeval Baebes are 12 women who are avant-garde musicians, a performance artist, a jeweler, dancers and a mosaicist.
He studied geometry under Florentine painter and mosaicist Paolo di Dono (also known as Paolo Uccello; 1397-1475) and learned the rules of perspective from Alberti.
Oh, to be the mosaicist brought from Byzantium, the one that later centuries would find inferior who worked the flitter around another saint whose name means nothing now.
The work is being supported by Steve Field RBSA, a local sculptor, muralist and mosaicist who coordinated Dudley's Millennium Sculpture Trail.
The image was created by Italian mosaicist Roberto Cassio, known for the restoration of centuries-old mosaics.
As soon as the first cartoons were produced in the summer of 1910, the project became an unremitting exercise in collaboration--primarily with the Viennese workshop of the talented, enterprising mosaicist Leopold Forstner, to whom are addressed most of the instructions, questions and frequent second thoughts scattered across each sheet.
MOSAICIST looked a filly of potential when making a winning handicap bow last time out and can build on that impression with further glory at Pontefract.
Grieco, a master mosaicist, supplies three of the five essays presented in this volume He writes about the history of mosaics in Rome, the modern version of ancient mosaics, and enamels and glass pastes for mosaics.
And if you've ever wondered how the Romans made those beautiful and intricate mosaics, look no further, for the detective here is one Libertus, part-time investigator and professional mosaicist.