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the condition in which an organism has two or more cell populations that differ in genetic makeup

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According to the company, Dr Chun has identified the first lysophospholipid receptor (1996), first to demonstrate genomic mosaicism in the brain (2001) and its alteration in Alzheimer's disease (2015).
However, due to its limitations for detecting low-level mosaicism, aCGH was unable to identify the monosomy 13 cell line.
Mosaicism refers to an outcome when not all cells in a multicellular embryo get repaired and some cells still carry a mutation.
In general, CVS is less preferred than AC, which leads to a slightly higher risk of miscarriage, and possible false-positive results due to confined placental mosaicism (usually requires confirmatory diagnosis with AC).
2016) exemplifies the prevalence of mutations occurring during early development and their significant contribution to somatic and germline mosaicism in adults.
Karyotype varies from 46XX to 46XY to 46 XY/46 XX mosaicism.
This mixture of healthy and mutant cells is called mosaicism.
FISH-based procedure for screening aneuploid embryos has a significant rate of misdiagnosis and also in vitro fertilized embryos have high level of mosaicism, therefore many of the euploid embryos are misdiagnosed with aneuploid.
As previously reported, FMR1-specific PCR methods are highly analytically sensitive and can detect mosaicism down to 1% (15).
Mosaicism is extremely common in early human development, affecting 30 percent of blastocyst-stage embryos.
The 17-year-old from Togher, near Drogheda, Co Louth, suffers from a rare genetic condition called trisomy 9 mosaicism, meaning he cannot walk or talk.
Genetic and hormonal influences, neurogenic inflammation, compression of peripheral nerves and/or mosaicism have also been suggested as causative mechanisms [5-7].
Patients with mosaicism survive longer than non-mosaics, but it had been believed that the degree of mosaicism in lymphocytes or fibroblasts does not associate with survival or degree of impairment.
sup][1],[2] DS can be caused by three types of chromosomal abnormalities: Trisomy 21, translocation, or mosaicism.