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a solid mass of blastomeres that forms when the zygote splits

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No intraleukocytic morulae were identified in these films.
The biggest clue is the peripheral blood smears containing morulae in the leukocytes on a Giemsa stain.
Visualization of morulae and staining methods: Morulae have been identified in smears of peripheral blood, buffy coat preparations, and bone marrow aspirates by using various eosin-azure (Romanovsky)-type stains, including Wright's, Diff-Quik, Giemsa's, and Leishman's.
5) Given current scientific and medical safety concerns, and widespread moral and ethical consensus, human reproductive cloning, defined as implantation into a uterus of morulae or blastocysts derived by nuclear transfer, should be prohibited at this time.
Female mice receiving oral administration of the insecticide lindane either before or immediately after mating increased blastomere lysis and suppressed cell proliferation of two-cell embryos and morulae (Scascitelli and Pacchierotti 2003).
In his study of 122 attempted in vitro fertilization cycles, by day 5 there were 67 transfers involving two blastocysts, 31 transfers of one blastocyst and one embryo in the morula stage (the stage immediately preceding the blastocyst stage), and 12 transfers of two morulae.
The round, dark-blue-stained inclusion bodies, called morulae, are diagnostic of ehrlichiosis.
The incongruent high detection of intracellular morulae and low PCR results point out the necessity of improving techniques for early diagnosis of this disease, particularly in primary health care clinics.
Experimental vitrification of human compacted morulae and early blastocysts using fine diameter plastic micropipettes.
On day 8 post-subculture, morulae within cultured HL-60 cells were observed (Figure 2).
Development of in vitro matured/in vitro fertilized bovine embryos into morulae and blastocysts in defined culture media.
Results for serologic testing, culture, buffy coat examination for morulae, and/or PCR showed that none of the patients was infected with Anaplasma phagocytophilum (17).
Effect of linoleic acid-albumin in the culture medium on freezing sensitivity of in vitro-produced bovine morulae.