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a solid mass of blastomeres that forms when the zygote splits

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To obtain the stage-specific cytoplasmic accumulation lipid during early bovine embryo development, four in vitro developmental stages were assessed: 2-4, < 4 cell embryos (72 hpi), morulae (144 hpi) and blastocysts (168 hpi).
Developmental capacity of different morphological types of day 5 human morulae and blastocysts.
In an attempt to make precise diagnostic tests for CGA microscopic detection of specific morulae, anti-Anaplasma IgM and IgG antibody detection and PCR analysis, which is most reliable for early diagnosis (8).
Sperm from the coelomic cavities of males were invariably found in morulae of hundreds of spermatids bound together at the head end, with their flagella aligned in parallel (Fig.
In the present study, sperm morulae were found in dioecious and microhermaphrodite specimens this finding is contradictory to those of Grande et al.
Experimental vitrification of human compacted morulae and early blastocysts using fine diameter plastic micropipettes.
A significant increase in the morulae stage was observed in the same group, demonstrating a slight delay in embryo development with the highest dose.
These inclusions should be differentiated from morulae in granulocytic anaplasmosis, (4) intracytoplasmic yeasts in histoplasmosis, (5) and hemozoin pigments in malaria.
phagocytophilum, including one (3%) patient who also had detection of morulae consistent with A.
They range from 1 to 3 [micro]m in diameter and generally divide within white blood cells to form morulae, characteristic of this bacterial pathogen.
Infected cells typically contain only 1 or 2 morulae, although as many as 15 have been observed in leukocytes of immunosuppressed patients (38-40).
Within a cell, small elementary bodies develop into larger initial bodies and eventually into intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies called morulae (which are diagnostic in blood smears).
sperm morulae floating free in the lumen of the acinus of the testis).
These morulae have different number of cells that may grow in geometric progression according they belong to morulae of spermatogonia, spermatocytes or spermatids.