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a solid mass of blastomeres that forms when the zygote splits

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The phenomenon of imposex was also documented in Morula species from different areas of the world, e.
In the present study, there were not sufficient embryos in all different stages of development transferred to determine the effect of embryo development on pregnancy rate; however, a valid comparison was performed between pregnancy rate for late morula stage (56.
El desarrollo de uniones intracelulares estrechas en el estadio de morula durante la compactacion, es seguido de la acumulacion de liquido formando una cavidad central que recibe el nombre de blastocele, la cual tambien acumula liquido proveniente del metabolismo mitocondrial (10).
Prosobranch gastropod species Monodonta canalifera, Morula granulata and Turricula javana previously not investigated from Manora Channel.
Recent data have also shown that the IR was expressed from the morula stage onwards while the insulin-sensitive isoform GLUT4 was not expressed (Tonack et al.
One type of rejection reaction is promoted mainly by the morula type of hemocytes (M-type rejection), and the other type of rejection reaction is promoted mainly by the phagocyte type of hemocytes (P-type rejection) (Shirae et al.
Stage Time Fertilized egg 0 First cleavage 25-32 min Second cleavage 50-65 min Multiple cleavages 1:45-2:05 h Morula 5:00-5:30 h Blastula 7:00-7:35 h Gastrula 10:00-10:35 h Trochophore 12:45-13:05 h Early veliger 16:05-17:00 h Veliger 21:30-22:30 h Splitting of velum (Formation of operculum, eye spot and tentacle primordium).
Concluido el periodo de cultivo se evaluo el estado de desarrollo embrionario determinando el numero de embriones que alcanzaron el estado de morula compacta y blastocisto.
The advantage of the zona-free method is in being more user-friendly than conventional micromanipulation but, on the other hand, this technique requires an efficient in vitro culture system to allow embryo development up to compacted morula or blastocyst, because only at these advanced stages can the zona-free embryos be transferred into recipients.
The hypobranchial gland in Morula granulata (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia).
In contrast, stimulated morula cells were intensely labeled, indicating that these cells play an important immunomodulatory role.
The proportion (3141%) of oocytes that reached the morula stage was not significantly different between two treatments either.
These stages included: immediately after fertilization, following the first and fifth divisions, the morula and prism stages, and at two points in pluteal development, i.
The murine-bovine iSCNT embryos cultured in CR1aa medium developed to 8-cell and morula embryo stages, while those cultured in CZB were all arrested at 8-cell stage (Table 1).
An earlier comparative study on the ultrastructure of hemocytes in some botryllids, including Botryllus scalaris and Symplegma reptans, showed that hemocytes could be commonly classified into five morphological types: hemoblasts, morula cells (MCs), granular leukocytes, vacuolated cells, and phagocytes (Shirae, unpub, data).