mortise-and-tenon joint

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a joint made by inserting tenon on one piece into mortise holes in the other

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The test consisted of determining the short- and long-term deflection characteristics of wall cabinet frames and panel-on-frame wall cabinets that use round mortise-and-tenon joints in their construction.
In addition to both locked (pegged) and unlocked mortise-and-tenon joints, leather and linen cordage was passed through V-shaped and L-shaped channels (Figure 4c) (Mackay 1915: pl.
Two-pin dowel and mortise-and-tenon joints assembled with polyvinyl acetate adhesive were considered as traditional adhesive-based joints, and minifix plus dowel and screw joints were considered alternative non-adhesive-based joints.
Some mortise-and-tenon joints were strengthened by the use of dowels, which functioned like a pin driven through both parts to give the lock between them extra strength.
Kessel conducted full-scale tests on oak and spruce mortise-and-tenon joints with two octagonal oak pegs to provide tension design criteria.
Built with a post-and-beam pine frame and mortise-and-tenon joints, the room uses few nails and no visible metal connectors.
The system, developed in cooperation with master woodworker Lonnie Bird, combines the look of traditional cope and stick doors with the strength and longevity of true mortise-and-tenon joints.
The bits, designed by professional woodworker Lonnie Bird, create smooth, clean lines for constructing offset mortise-and-tenon joints for Mission Style glass doors.
The specific objective of this paper was to determine the strength and durability of a traditional style desk frame constructed of solid wood with round mortise-and-tenon joints and a laminated desk frame constructed with lap-joint rectangular mortise-and-tenon joints.