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  • verb

Synonyms for mortify

Synonyms for mortify

to deprive of esteem, self-worth, or effectiveness

to cause (a person) to be self-consciously distressed

Synonyms for mortify

practice self-denial of one's body and appetites

hold within limits and control

undergo necrosis

References in classic literature ?
It is for this that these men mortify their flesh, and to set us an example, who would pamper ourselves overmuch.
Is it not this: To humiliate oneself in order to mortify one's pride?
The time has gone by, when you could mortify me by calling me a jilt.
returned Tom, chafing his face on his coat-sleeve, as if to mortify his flesh, and have it in unison with his spirit.
Our horses were kept, or rather starved, underground; and as for our servants, whom we hired here to look after ourselves and horses, we had, every now and then, their fingers and toes to thaw and take care of, lest they should mortify and fall off.
Captivated by the lives of the saints, Harrison began to mortify her own flesh and became anorexic, all in attempts to gain control over her life and to win her mother's attentions.