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the person who gives a mortgage in return for money to be repaid


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A mortgagee of real property faced with a default is granted the power under the Civil Code to demand the immediate sale of the mortgaged property "without having to obtain a judgment" and such enforcement cannot be delayed "even where the mortgager or a third party had filed an objection in the court.
Another Manoukian partnership also under sale and also being challenged by mortgager.
Feet our of which bua 650sq feet mortgager manoj kumar pandey
The sale was propelled by mortgager Crossland Savings Bank which held a $110 million mortgage for developers Charles Benenson, Laurence A.
NOte : the property is allegedly sold to the third party by the mortgager without the knowledge of the bank after the creation of mortgage of the property to the bank.
The unsurprising result is that many of these citizens have had their homes, cars and other goods repossessed by the mortgagers due to their inability to repay loans.
He has also proposed mortgagers register abandoned property on an Abandoned Property Register that his office would maintain.
The RTA, in cooperation with vehicle mortgagers, has always been enhancing its online service to improve convenience to clients who have paid their vehicle mortgages, while reducing a mortgage provider's business costs," said Bahrozyan.
Dubai's Road Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with vehicle mortgagers, has enhanced its online service to improve convenience to those clients who have paid their vehicle mortgages, while reducing mortgage provider business costs.
Known bondholders, mortgagers, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities (if there are none, so state): None.
With this collapse in housing values, about a quarter of the mortgagers went "under-water"
It will explain terminology used by lenders and common tactics - many of them fraudulent and illegal - used by mortgagers and their attorneys to steal homes from families.