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Synonyms for mortgage

to give or deposit as a pawn

Words related to mortgage

a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan

put up as security or collateral

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1) the mortgagor has a mortgageable interest in the property sought to be charged as security;
The ground lease itself as an encumbrance against the property, and whether the lease is assignable and mortgageable (11)
The documents were signed between each operator and the General Director of the National Board of Farmland in Algiers (ONTA), during a symbolic ceremony marking the start of the conversion of the perpetual contract of use of the individual or collective farms into right to concession for 40-year renewable and mortgageable term.
The government, then, should repeal the law on the inalienability of peasant possessions, make peasant land mortgageable, and issue new bonds that would finance a new state credit system for agriculture.
But banks have said uncertainty in the housing market means the reports commissioned by sellers cannot be relied upon as an accurate assessment of a property's mortgageable value.
collateral for credit or as mortgageable assets during a crisis.
47) Improvements are mortgageable, and a mortgage on an existing building automatically creates a mortgage on the underlying land use right.