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Synonyms for mortarboard

a square board with a handle underneath


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an academic cap with a flat square with a tassel on top

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The chance of being injured by a flying mortarboard is incredibly small and it's over the top to impose an outright ban.
Those mortarboards are great, but have you ever used a Carolina-rigged Lounge Lizard or a Conniption Jig tipped with a Whirlygrub?
That way, rented caps can be returned undamaged, and commencement policies that don't permit mortarboard decorations can be temporarily accommodated.
Wearing his mortarboard, Professor Davis says 'a book of this kind damages rather than advances an academic career.
Let wreaths be laid, bug les blow; let the mortarboard, gown, and roll gladden the hearts of kin and friends assembled; let the bride, in virgin white, and the groom exchange their vows; let the marchers march, the bands play, the flag wave, the pyrotechnics light up the evening sky; let the witch ride her broom, the goblins scare the wits out of us, the ghosts roam, and the pumpkin-face at the window grin; let the bird make its grand entry and grace the groaning board; let the lights on the tree reflectin the eyes of happy children; let gifts beneath pile high and carolers sing.
And so, 79 years after leaving a promising life in the classroom for a life in the lumber mill, he has finally donned his mortarboard and picked up his coveted certificate.
Audience members received mortarboard caps; Brittain stores hers in a keepsake box.
The headmaster of Bash Street school wore a gown and mortarboard like our own headmaster and was always brandishing a cane.
But the midfielder with the mortarboard knows football, unlike his degree, is not an exact science.
In Bhopal on Friday to be part of the convocation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Forest Management, the minister publicly ridiculed the convocation dress, comprising a coloured gown and the mortarboard hat that is worn during a graduation function, calling it a " barbaric colonial legacy".
Martin may be talking about finally throwing a mortarboard in the air but he's not considering calling time on his cricket career just yet.
Lucy Hayward, 38, dons mortarboard and gown to satisfy men who pay pounds 150 a time to get their kicks being punished and humiliated.
Kyser, who couldn't read a note of music, hosted the comic music show dressed as an academic, complete with a mortarboard balanced on his head.
Today's leaders need to understand those changes and be prepared to wear hats beyond the academic mortarboard.