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70, which takes up the prior teaching of the 1985 post-synodal exhortation Reconciliatio et Paenitentia, offers a very Thomistic account of what mortal sin entails: "With the whole tradition of the Church, we call mortal sin the act by which man freely and consciously rejects God, his law, the covenant of love that God offers, preferring to turn in on himself or to some created and finite reality, something contrary to the divine will (conversio ad creaturam).
Hoarding is a grave mortal sin and must be repaired with full confession, true contrition, and completed penance, as must be every indiscretion, every gluttonous or alcoholic over-indulgement, every malicious act and thought toward God and man.
No positive law can be imposed under pain of sin, not to speak of mortal sin.
In his recent article in Periodica de re Canonica, the Religion News Service reported, Burke writes that ministers are "held, under pain of mortal sin, to deny the sacraments to the unworthy.
tells the story of how he was once accused of allowing a colleague to build an academic empire: "Apparently, empire building in academia is a mortal sin, and I was equally guilty, as dean of the school, for allowing it to happen.
And if you beat the zombies at their game, they'll accuse you of having beginner's luck, which seems to rank as mortal sin among the poker-devout, whose god is none other than repeat champion David Sklansky, author of "Hold 'Em Poker" - always a fledgling freak's primer.
Brewer Helmut Fritsche had been committing what many in Germany's strict beer culture consider a mortal sin since taking over the Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle brewery in 1993--adding sugar syrup to his dark beer just before capping the bottles.
If you wait until the last moment and are forced to look outside, that's mortal sin.
The first issue of this new Philippine journal has articles on love, desire and sexuality; whether there is a feminist morality; sex, sexuality, gender and law; lesbians and Philippine law; abortion law and ethics in the Philippines; mortal sin and human rights in relation to abortion in the Philippines.
Those Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, and indeed pass legislation or vote to appoint pro-abortion judges, are likewise committing mortal sins, and those in mortal sin may not receive communion.
Receiving communion after breaking the fast was a mortal sin.
In my youth I read Jack O'Connor's paeans to the cartridge and felt that I was committing a mortal sin because I did not have one.
Leaving a woman for a man,'" she muses, "is still the lesbian equivalent of a mortal sin.
Blasphemy is only a mortal sin, he stated, "when a person is aware of the significance of the words and knows for certain that they are sacrilegious.
Racked with guilt and self-loathing over his role in the accidental death of his loyal servant, Scobie plans to commit suicide, but, fearing that knowledge of this mortal sin will cause pain to his wife and others, he disguises his death so that he appears to have died of natural causes.