morris dancing

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any of various English folk dances performed by dancers in costume

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He said: "We can often be seen out and about performing at pubs and festivals around the local area in the spring and summer, so performing at the Ricoh Arena is a great opportunity for us to be able to reach a new audience to show them how fun and unique morris dancing really is.
At an emergency Assembly Rooms meeting to discuss the group's future, the chairman said: "Say what you will about morris dancing, but it keeps young people o the streets.
The use of make-up has been particularly common in Wales, where traditionally miners were said to have wanted to protect their identities from the mine owners when they took part in Morris dancing as it was deemed a taboo act.
Despite the publication of Cecil Sharp's first Morris Book in 1907, there is no of influence either of this or of the countrywide teaching of morris dancing by acolytes associated with the Esperance Club, based in London.
Nearly everything we've done this year has had to be done with a minimum side," said Don, who plays accordion and began Morris dancing in Lancaster.
It wasn't until his forties, married with three children, that he turned again to Morris dancing.
Time is of the essence to have morris dancing banned.
uk DATING BACK 500 YEARS MORRIS dancing is thought to be at least 500 years old.
It seems we've always looked for any excuse to get the toes tapping, whether it be morris dancing, putting on the glad rags for a ballroom waltz, or a good old knees-up in the street.
LIVERPOOL'S Morris Dancing Association celebrated its 60th anniversary by hosting and winning a north west competition.
More than 90 children at Kings Heath Primary School took part in workshops with members of the Cotteridge-based morris dancing group Black Adder.
MORRIS dancing groups took to the streets of Liverpool city centre.
Despite the front cover and title reference to morris dancing this novel is far from twee, with its tense undercurrents and truthful comment on life.