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someone who does a morris dance

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I'm no longer an ordinary person, I'm a morris dancer.
But maybe, with her English genes, Matthew's mother understood that if you are not actually a morris dancer yourself, you are liable to regard this ancient pastime as a bit of a joke.
BIRMINGHAM'S famous Beorma Morris dancers have been accused of racism for the black face they adopt in a tradition stretching back centuries.
BIRDS of prey, Japanese martial arts and morris dancers were some of the attractions enjoyed by hundreds of people at a village fair this weekend.
Other productions at the festival included a battle between the Balhag Viking Reenactment group and the black faced Morris Dancers who put on a display in the high Street.
Morris dancers from Plum Jerkum Border Morris made their way through Long Itchington, dancing and singing for a large audience at five pubs.
A dog owner has admitted failing to control a bull terrier which injured two Morris dancers while biting at their bells and ribbons.
The ceremony is performed by morris dancers on the weekend following Epiphany, between January 7 and 13.
The morris dance sets in this time and place were often comprised of children or teenagers, of either or both sexes--the Lancaster Prize Medal Morris Dancers of 1907, for example, were formed of fifty 'little folk' (p.
The Mersey Stars Morris Dancers were given a cash gift of hundreds of pounds through the ECHO'S Wish campaign which they spent on petrol, allowing them to get to competitions and festivals across the UK.
But anyone who doesn't mind leaving their dignity on the doorstep might enjoy practice nights with the Banchory Morris Dancers.
This year we celebrated our 40th anniversary together with six other groups of Morris dancers ("sides") from England and Wales by dancing at various locations in Cardiff Bay, including Mermaid Quay, Craft in the Bay and the Norwegian Church.
Morris dancers are registering themselves onto anger management courses across the United Kingdom as we speak.
CLOGS worn by a troupe of morris dancers got them into hot water in more than one venue during a weekend visit to Durham.