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the study of anatomy in its relation to function

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1] negatively affected the morphophysiology of guava rootstock cv.
Based on the subject areas, approximately 40% of the publications on OM from the last decade addressed aspects related to the study and diagnosis of normal morphological and functional patterns of stomatognathic functions, which were included in the field of craniofacial morphophysiology.
1] Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Faculty of Veterinary and Zootechnical Sciences, Laboratory of Morphophysiology, IMPRONTA Research Group.
Morphophysiology characters of each M2 plant mutant were identified for resistance to acidity stress.
Geometric diagnosis of erythrocyte morphophysiology.
Considering that context, the objective of this work was to analyze the effect of a diet contaminated with B1 on the morphophysiology of the kidneys of male adult Wistar rats.
Digestive morphophysiology of Gryllodes sigillatus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae).