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the study of the phonological realization of the allomorphs of the morphemes of a language

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Morphophonemics rules are described in XFST using Regular Expressions and Replace Rules.
melex 'king', stil 'seedling', and saxen 'neighbor'), nevertheless, they are considered borrowed for morphophonemic reasons.
The fact that the Germanic morphophonemic alternations reflect consistently Indo-European allophonic variation has been accepted as a proof that Indo-European resonant system was maintained in Proto-Germanic, possibly until the stage when individual Germanic dialects started to emerge; such view points implicitly to relative conservatism of the Germanic parent language (yet it is not unanimously recognised) (Lehmann 1955: 365).
Given that Bunun does not have phonemic long vowels, the data (22) must involve a vowel lengthening rather than shortening rule, based on the morphophonemic alternations shown.
set[s] up a morpheme A of contrastive stress to which the following morphophonemic rule applies .
and earlier, every language article devotes considerable space to phonology and morphophonemics (in some cases, rather too much to predictable allophones such as homorganic nasals).
Some preliminary observations on Papago morphophonemics.
The descriptive phonology lists the autonomous phonemes for twenty-five languages but, consistent with its I-A approach, omits detailed information on phonological processes in each, presenting instead generalizations about phoneme inventories in the various subgroups: morphophonemics is treated in just four short paragraphs (pp.
1) discourse [right arrow] syntax [right arrow] morphology [right arrow] morphophonemics [right arrow] zero
On the other hand, students will eventually have to learn the morphophonemics in order to use one of the standard lexicons, so why not introduce them to it from the beginning?
Junko Ito and Armin Mester: Japanese Morphophonemics.
including a young Noam Chomsky in his Master's thesis The Morphophonemics of Modern Hebrew (Univ.
The moral is that most analysts appear to postulate two se's in the syntax, but only one in the morphology: they rely on morphophonemics for the passage from one to the other.
His book, like Huehnergard's based on the "classic dialect" of OB and its literary successor Standard Babylonian (SB), is a self-contained presentation of the structure of the Akkadian language, as perceived by the author, and arranged into sections covering phonology, morphology, morphophonemics, and syntax.
Both authors attribute such formatives in Russian morphophonemics to Trubeckoj's (1934: 14) Verbindungsmorphemen.