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Synonyms for morphology

the branch of biology that deals with the structure of animals and plants

studies of the rules for forming admissible words

the admissible arrangement of sounds in words

the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms

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In total, 1038 CBCT images of maxillary premolars (521 of maxillary first premolars and 517 of maxillary second premolars), recorded using Promax 3D Max (Planmeca Oy, Helsinki, Finland) were selected based on the following criteria: (i) complete root structure, no fracture; (ii) clear root canal morphology without absorption, calcification, and root filling material; (iii) no posts, crowns, or artificial crowns; and (iv) clear and complete image of the tooth.
Key words: Crambe, light microscopy, pollen grains, scanning electron microscopy, seed coat morphology.
This contract aims to provide technical and scientific assistance for study and research on coastal morphology in relation keep up the maintenance of the coastal security, the use of the beaches, waterways, ports and ecological values in the coastal zone.
Also, normal morphology of spermatozoa decreased significantly after vitrification.
After delivery placentae were preserved and evaluated for morphology.
A lamellar morphology with long and tortuous paths results in superior gas-barrier properties compared to a droplet morphology [18, 19].
This review presents first mandibular molar with varied root canal morphology.
4% to 1% of the general population, which later increases with age to >10% in those >80 years of age, as a result there is need to evaluate the LAA morphology in detail5.
The entries, several pages long in most cases, provides information on distribution; biology and ecology; the morphology of adults, larvae, pupa, and eggs; and phylogeny and taxonomy.
Effect of PCB Surface Finish on Sn Grain Morphology and Thermal Fatigue Performance of Lead-Free Solder Joints"
Evaluative Morphology from a cross-linguistic perspective.
Specific morphology of a compound is required for some specific applications.
3-5) Gastric adenocarcinoma, which commonly has intestinal morphology, has also been shown to react frequently with HepPar-1, though staining is also seen in poorly differentiated, or signet ringtype adenocarcinomas.
The phase composition and morphology of the as-prepared powders were characterized by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscope (TEM), respectively.