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a linguistic rule for the formation of words

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Albright provides an automated method for hypothesizing a set of morphological rules and estimating the effectiveness of individual rules in explaining the input data.
Like the children in Berko's experiment, our participants had to choose between affixes, but unlike the children, they did not have enough information at their disposal to simply apply the morphological rule.
Recent lexeme-based models have proposed that a lexeme carries an inventory of stems on which morphological rules operate.
Completion and specificity of the institutional framework building for housing with specific morphological rules.
Categorize these words according to morphological rules, which work at the word level.
1) Following the TAGH-approach [11], we model Croatian morphology by referring exclusively to morphotactic regularities, using morpheme and allomorph sets and regular morphological rules, such that a deterministic finite state transducer (FST) can be generated.
The computational morphological analysis of these compounds revealed linguistic deviations from the standard morphological rules governing the formation of nouns and deverbatives.
The difference between input-output and output-output implementations of morphology has largely to do with whether morphological rules operate strictly on words (= outputs) or whether stems are also formal levels of representation; this issue is beyond the scope of the present article, though for general discussion, see e.
The first category represents the forms, which follow the normal morphological rules of feminization.
Herrmann, The Sasanian Rock Reliefs at Naqsh-i Rustam 6), which furnishes a synoptic text in transliteration, page-by-page transcription with translation, and commentary; "Pahlavi Compound Abstracts," from Ehsan Yarshater's Fesrschrift, which takes Zaehner and Nyberg to task for mistranslations resulting from a failure to appreciate the ordering of morphological rules, especially in the further derivation of bahuvri hi compounds (e.
For example, when the word caelkeraan is split using the morphological rules, it results in the following structure.
Contract award: Study of morphological rules of layout and architecture in areas within and outside settlements up to 2,000 residents, Peripheral unit of Andros, Thera, Kea-Kythnos, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Tinos, Syros the South Aegean Region
It can be described as a set of morphological operations either primitive and acquired early, or sophisticated and acquired late which, on the one hand, are like morphological rules, but, on the other, violate some principles of morphological grammar.
We explore morphological rules for Urdu language and implement these rules to create Urdu stemmer.
Many traditional paper dictionaries include derivational word forms but list them as run-ons without any information on their meaning, relying on the user' s knowledge of morphological rules.