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Heroin abuse and controversy took their toll, George's schizophrenic brother Gerald was tried for murder and his friend Michael Rudetsky, was found dead from morphine poisoning on George's sofa.
Paralysed Lisa Ann Birch, 22, died from morphine poisoning in bed on July 24, last year.
Mrs Grundy's body was exhumed and scientific examinations found that she had died not from natural causes, as Shipman had certified, but from morphine poisoning.
But the jury at Preston Crown Court was told that when her body was exhumed in October, 1998 - 10 months after her death - the real cause of death was found to be morphine poisoning.
Straeker, had recently treated several cases of morphine poisoning in "a neighborhood inhabited by altogether a very low and depraved class of negroes.
WORCESTER - A Fitchburg man was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole yesterday after being convicted of first-degree murder in the morphine poisoning death of his 27-year-old wife.
The tot died from morphine poisoning while his mother regained consciousness three days later.
The baby, known as Bevin, died from morphine poisoning, but Shapung regained consciousness three days later.
Last month, my associates and I published a case report of an apparently healthy full-term newborn who died at 13 days from morphine poisoning.
Acquired megacolon due to chronic morphine poisoning.
Lisa Birch, 22, who was paralysed from the neck down, died at Queen's Court Nursing Home in Old Colwyn on July 24 last year from morphine poisoning.