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localized scleroderma

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Furthermore, vaccination with PCV13 is reportedly associated with the following adverse cutaneous reactions: topical reactions at or near the injection sites (redness, edema, pain, abscess, cellulitis, itching granuloma, keratoacanthoma, and lichenoid dermatitis) (4), Sweet's syndrome (5), and deep morphea (6).
A skin biopsy was obtained and the histopathology of the lesion showed atrophy of the epidermis, the presence of rough collagenized fibers in the reticular dermis, sclerosis, atrophy in the skin junctions, and mild mononuclear inflammatory cell infiltration on the border of the deep dermis and the dermis-subcutaneous adipose tissue, all of which are consistent with morphea (Figure 2).
Linear morphea and leg lenght discrepancy: treatment with a leg-lengthening procedure.
Other diseases in the differential diagnosis include oxyuriasis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and morphea (4).
Atrophoderma Pasini-Pierini is a primary atrophic abortive morphea.
Many people with morphea will improve spontaneously over time.
Basal cell carcinoma of the morphea form may also mimic blepharitis and uncertainty or suspicion of the presence of these tumours must trigger a referral to HES on an urgent basis.
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--The conventional wisdom regarding the longterm outcomes of morphea in adults with disease onset in childhood has been upended by a recent study.
Sclerodermatous cGVHD is distinguished by plaques of dermal sclerosis resembling morphea, and eventually by generalized scleroderma, often resulting in joint contractures (1-3), (5-7).
The effect of calcipotriol on lesional fibroblasts from patients with active morphea.
Characteristic features include cicatricial lesions with a segmental or dermatomal distribution, and atrophic plaques that can resemble pan-sclerotic morphea.