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regeneration on a reduced scale of a body part

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On the other hand, histological observations of the early bud suggest the presence of a morphallactic domain and the possible involvement of de-/transdifferentiation activity.
Transdifferentiation of pigmented multipotent epithelium during morphallactic development of budding tunicates.
Mitosis and body patterning during morphallactic development of palleal buds in ascidians.
Developmental role of endogenous retinoids in the determination of morphallactic field in budding tunicates.
Similarly, regeneration of the intestine after fission in the apodid holothuroid Leptosynapta is an entirely morphallactic mechanism; in this case, the remaining portion of the intestine is remodeled to form a functionally complete organ (Smith, 1971a, b; Gibson and Burke, 1983).