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Synonyms for moroseness

a gloomy ill-tempered feeling

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a sullen moody resentful disposition

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Wedd moved from moroseness through ardour to delirium, marshalling his developing Heldentenor vocal resources cleverly, and coping well with all the physical distortions this production imposes upon his body.
Summary: It seems that the moroseness grips the country obstinately.
One of the implications of the tension between innovation and maintaining the status quo at HEG was the moroseness of the strategy process.
We think that, as you often get with people when they're not playing, a moroseness and lethargy set in when in the quietness of the flat," says the playwright.
The group is tough but I think that when I get over this initial moroseness, I'll be absolutely fine.
From day one, there is a comparative moroseness about a female child.
But, looking back on the year that's drawing to an end, how ill-founded that moroseness is for it has been a momentous time.
Although The House of the Seven Gables is a lighter novel than its predecessor, The Scarlet Letter, and Hawthorne admits that there was more sunshine in this work, we also detect shades of moroseness, associated with the effect of past sins that cannot be undone.
His being a kill-joy' speaks volumes of his inflexible moroseness in the face of the innocent joys of life.
Going well beyond his documentation of failing flesh and faltering minds, Miller attributes a host of pejorative attitudes and habits to old age: "meanness, avarice, cowardice, peevishness, irascibility, moroseness, whining, .
In essence, Damon's blackness is significant because it constitutes the cultural matrix for understanding his predicament as an outsider in modern American society; it embodies the moroseness of black existential dread.
But you can easily over look this moroseness if you want to.
In the example mentioned, where Gladman has written 'Avoid jocularity in managing a class' Louisa has crossed out and replaced the word 'jocularity', and the phrase now reads 'Avoid moroseness in managing a class'.
Despite the current economic moroseness of the construction sector, we did well and we obtained interesting and promising contacts," Ludovic Baudry said, adding that the firm signed several contracts at the show.