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Synonyms for moronic

Synonyms for moronic

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having a mental age of between eight and twelve years

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The titling shtick is as moronic as the stain-hunting procedure.
Jest-books such as Een nyeuwe clucht boeck made fun of priests by portraying them as being moronic, as having a shaky knowledge of Latin and the scriptures, as being unchaste, and only being career-minded.
But John McLaughlin's shamelessly distorted account of "travelgate" (when will we ever be rid of this moronic suffix?
But it truly is a brilliant political gimmick to shift the story about public schools to something so absurdly moronic that, by the time one stops laughing, the target has moved on.
Many years ago, when I was a young thinker and knew practically everything, it seemed clear to me that magical, moralistic, moronic religion soon would disappear, because people were becoming too educated for such superstition.
Why, then, does he say some pages later, while answering President Bush's moronic attacks on environmentalists, that "nobody is advocating extreme measures.
It was a moronic gesture, but I guess coming face-to-face with your intellectual superior brings that type of behaviour out in some people.
Having been born in Nechells 67 years ago and then moving to Ward End, I have seen the demise of whole swathes of this city as a result of moronic councillors giving planning permission for mosques to be built on every street corner of Small Heath, Sparkhill, Bordesley Green, Alum Rock, Saltley etc.
She threw an impressive right hook after moronic comic Jonnie Marbles pounced.
To describe it as somehow empowering is simply moronic.
Moronic Conroy Jane Foley, defending, said: "He believed it was a bit of a joke but clearly it was not funny.
Perhaps the move to Chelsea, the fact of who his wife is or a hangover from his autobiography influenced the actions of fans, but it was a moronic response at a time when the team needed support.
I have been a reader of Viewpoints for a long time and have never read anything as narrowminded, offensive and moronic.
from the sad folk who send in those video tapes of moronic mishaps and trade dignity for the pounds 250 fee.
Presumably defence counsel are intelligent people, so surely they cannot believe some of the stories they tell on behalf of their criminal and so often moronic and evil clients.