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Synonyms for moronic

Synonyms for moronic

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having a mental age of between eight and twelve years

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He was always a mediocre drummer and let's be clear about one thing - He'd be a poor man without the enormous sums of money fans have paid out over the years to listen to his moronic drumming.
I have been a reader of Viewpoints for a long time and have never read anything as narrowminded, offensive and moronic.
IT really is sickening to read comments by people like Medwyn ap Robert (Daily Post, August 22) trying to make political capital out of moronic acts of vandalism.
Presumably defence counsel are intelligent people, so surely they cannot believe some of the stories they tell on behalf of their criminal and so often moronic and evil clients.
If these villains hadn't been moronic enough to grab the wrong woman for hostage purposes, ``The Marine'' likely wouldn't need a Marine at all.
But do they have to do it with moronic fans singing about being up to their knees in Fenian blood?
The atmosphere was so hostile that two of the lads were in tears after moronic Welsh supporters decided to give a few English supporters a good 'kicking' after England scored.
But no, the clown gives me one of his moronic grins as I discover a bloody Playstation.
West Midlands firefighters and police officers have condemned the moronic behaviour of 'mindless' offenders who tossed lighted fireworks into a sixmonth-old baby's bedroom.
Peter Ebdon's moronic yelling and screaming at the Crucible this week was the death knell for a sport which has been flushed into the gutter.
The ex-pat Yank - who talks the way most people are strangled - has accused the Beeb of being downmarket, patronising and moronic.
The inhabitants have fallen outside history and heaven simultaneously; they are all equally moronic in their gestures and motives, until suddenly one of them unleashes a monologue that gives a glimpse into an unclocked interior world poetically transformed.
And the only thing more moronic than sitting around wasting air time on predictions about whether Powell, once he's sold a trillion books, will run for President, is predicting what will happen in the year 2000.
They should all be identified, gathered together and consigned to some cold dark bunker deep underground giving their moronic cry of "in the hole" some genuine credence.
She threw an impressive right hook at moronic comic Jonnie Marbles.