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a kind of pink beryl used as a gemstone

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She buys many of her stones directly from Mina Gerais in Brazil, a family-run mine specialising in rose quartz, green amethyst, aquamarine and tourmaline, as well as Warren's current favourite, morganite.
Some morganite and pale yellow apatite also were recovered from unspecified deposits in the Numbi area, but the latter was generally not of gem quality.
Sterling silver vintage oval morganite & diamond earrings H Samuel PS179 hsamuel.
She completed the look with Manolo Blahnik shoes, Dior Fine Jewelry's Gourmande pastel yellow gold and green beryl earrings and an Oui pink gold, diamonds and morganite ring.
In addition to many of the popular gems, there are lesser-known stones to choose from, such as morganite, spinel, peridotite, and tanzanite--believed to have been discovered by the Masai.
High-tech manufacturer Morganite Industries, for example, experienced a return on investment of 178% when they used Benefitfocus for dependent eligibility audits and online enrollment, Benefitfocus said.
Emerald, aquamarine, heliodor, and morganite all belong to the species beryl.
The Mel-Keeper furnace, which is distributed through Morganite Crucible Inc.
Brazil produces and exports stones such as aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, emerald, topaz, morganite, rutilated quartz, rubelite, and tourmaline; a few, such as imperial topaz, are only available from single mines in Brazil.
The agreement was signed for the sale of Morganite produced by the Marapinno mine.
Beryl, the variety of stone that includes emerald, ranges from pink morganite and blue aquamarine to the rare red emerald and the extremely rare colourless goshenite.
Timmy wears skull T-shirt, pounds 12; jeans, pounds 35 Code: to050207fashion-17; Katie wears iced grey bow top, pounds 22; black waistcoat, pounds 20; black straight leg trousers, pounds 12; Boodles vintage diamond pendant, pounds 40,000; and morganite heart drop earrings, pounds 4,350.
Ordinary beryl is colourless but the presence of various trace impurities gives the gemstone varieties of this mineral their distinctive colours: green emerald, blue to bluish-green aquamarine, pink morganite, red bixbite, and yellow to yellowish-orange heliodor (Sinkankas, 1981, p.
Graham previously worked for BHA UK, Morganite Thermal Ceramics and Lex Harvey, and so has extensive technical expertise within a commercially-orientated environment, where high standards of quality and service are paramount.