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any of several cultivated sour cherry trees bearing fruit with dark skin and juice

cultivated sour cherry with dark-colored skin and juice

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Morelle noted that similar explosions had killed people in the past.
L'aubergine locale (Solanum aethiopicum) (fruit), les feuilles d'aubergines (Solanum aethiopicum, figure 4 photo F), les feuilles de gombo (Abelmoschus callei), les feuilles de vernonia, les feuilles de morelle noire (Solanum scabrum, figure 4 photo E) sont les moins consommes dans les menages.
But there could also be repercussions for the new government of Manual Valls because Morelle was said to be close to the new Prime Minister and an ardent backer of his bid to lead the government.
Rebecca Morelle is a science reporter for BBC World Service.
COSY Aidan Quinn as Nicholas Holden and Iben Hjejle as Lena Morelle in The Eclipse SPARK Maddy dates her hubby UNBREAKABLE The Westlife boys PHOTO OPPORTUNITY Sally's losing the (soap) plot
The Morelle de Balbis, or Litchi tomato, has been grown as an ornamental curiosity in American gardens since the 19th century, but only recently has it gained attention as a novel-tasting food.
Two of the chapters, David Hunter's and Art Cosgrove's, are revised versions of pieces published earlier (2003 and 1985, respectively), and the Morelle chapter is a translation of an essay published in French in 1988.
Supermarkets are promoting rotisserie-prepared foods as healthier alternatives, experts point out "Healthier food is on top of everybody's mind nowadays," says Charles Morelle, marketing coordinator for Rotisol-France, Inglewood, Calif.
The proliferation of titles adds to the confusion," said Assemblyman Joseph Morelle, Rochester, N.
422 MORELLE Establishes a statewide telemedicine/telehealth task force to make recommendations to the governor and legislature on the development of telemedicine and telehealth systems, standards in the applications of such systems, changes in licensure and certification verification necessary to effectuate such systems, and the methodology for determining payments due for health care service provided by means of such systems; establishes a telehealth and telemedicine demonstration program under the auspices of a statewide not-for-profit association representing health care providers.
Led by Thadeus Morelle, their "Redeemer," they convince trusting slaves to run away from their masters only to murder them and collect the bounty on the escapees.
In discussing Table 1, Cyrille Morelle, director of product marketing at Sunrise Telecom, said, "In the telecommunications market, where budgets are monitored closely, most carriers delineate between applications that require portable equipment and those that can be performed in a lab setting.
On August 25, he assumed command of his platoon when the platoon commander was wounded and the platoon fell under heavy enemy fire near a bridge over the River Morelle, near Manneville la Raoult.
Morelle, was joined by 47 members of the New York Legislature.
For example, Mark Merkiowsky, Philippe Depreux, Georges Declercq, Laurent Morelle, and Alexander Hecht work on the Carolingian and post-Carolingian periods, for which our major sources are charters and notices, whose patterns of survival, distribution, and genre differ so markedly by time and place that simply documenting and explaining the differences must be the historian's fundamental task.