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Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

harshly ironic or sinister


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of a substance, especially a strong acid

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Wardle critically examined the three mordants then in regular use in India.
Not only were all the most common mordants and methods applied, but Wardle included successful practices known only to him and his employees.
which has anthocyanin chromophore after it was mordanted with nine different mordants.
Enzymatic Natural Dyeing of Cotton and Silk Fabrics Without Metal Mordants, Journal of Cleaner Production, 15: 1441-1450.
Fluka)) were mixed as a concentrated solution with the addition of mordant (3% and 5%) to give a final stain concentration of 30 g [L.
5), (4) Without the use of a mordant, the dyeing effect on tissue would have been quite poor.
Patrick Soubayrol, Ejfet des mordants sur la degradation des colorants de teinture, D.
The secret of chintz-making lay in the dyer knowing which mordants or metallic salts to use and in what strength to produce specific colours by predicting their reactions to particular dyestuffs.