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Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

harshly ironic or sinister


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of a substance, especially a strong acid

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Pictures from the '40s and '50s crystallize (surely the right verb for this mordantly illusionist work--"big bare rooms," as Tanning describes Interior with Sudden Joy, 1951, "with white frozen figures, like Sodom and Gomorrah") a series of awesome and alarming visions.
Up to this point, there have been two pictures in Competition that I could honestly recommend to film-curious friends who aren't hard-core buffs or specialists: Danis Tanovic's mordantly absurdist and accessible look at the Bosnian-Serbian conflict, "No Man's Land"; and DreamWorks' massively appealing animated monster, "Shrek.
He's working on an advanced scientific degree and doing telemarketing on the weekends (one of the show's many mordantly funny scenes has Philippe happening upon a newly married ex-girlfriend while plying his humble -- not to say humiliating -- trade).
From the dystopian noir of Element of Crime (1984, aptly) to the stunning meta-cinema of 1991's Zentropa (Hitchcockian devices mordantly wed to Our Hitler-like evocations of the romance-trance of movies and fascism), von Trier's work masterfully explored the possibilities of artifice.
She talks mordantly about "the power from Pulp ," and reminds me that it's in the Library of Congress, part of the American narrative.
Set in the near future, The Afterlives is a mordantly funny and deeply human look at one man's quest to find out what happens after we die.
There are also mordantly funny observations about the Canadian music scene and Canada itself, like the raucous Steerpunchers mega-bar in Calgary, soulless Ontario blues players, or images of strip-club patrons watching the show and the hockey game on TV with equally drunken interest.
I love the [Rocky and] Bullwinkle show because it's so mordantly witty.
He called the book a work of"nonsensical history and execrable citizenship," which, he added mordantly,"should come with a warning: 'Caution you are about to enter a no-facts zone.
Or not, since Dickinson mordantly replies, "But you have a life.
One picture has a mordantly bathetic caption--'corpse with a receding hairline and a toe tag'.
Spare, mordantly funny, and bearing whiffs of both mystery and mischief, they ask, often obliquely: How should a nation remember a traumatic past, and how should it redress the ongoing trauma?
Nothing's ever mine, not to keep," the newly widowed Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy mordantly observes midway through "Jackie" Pablo Larrain's relentlessly close-up take on history's most iconic first lady.
In the wake of the 1953 workers' uprising in East Germany, the playwright Bertolt Brecht mordantly suggested that "if the people had forfeited the confidence of the government", the government might find it easier to "dissolve the people and elect another".
But, even as it takes too much time playing out its meandering hostage scenes and its loose ends-tying epilogue, Kwek's briskly paced production quickly overcomes its occasional incoherence by providing a mordantly funny view of the unpleasant side of the Filipino diaspora.