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Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

harshly ironic or sinister


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of a substance, especially a strong acid

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The reality of the film's presentation of reality is based around the subversion of documentary traditions and cliches, but the world it depicts relies heavily on a fantastic, mordantly witty ethnographic version of Belgian society.
Himes mordantly exposes this in the following exchange between Jesse and Kriss in The End of a Primitive.
In this regard, the Shiva series was a departure from most of his other work, whose humour is mordantly dark in nature.
As one Israeli paper mordantly if accurately described it, Barak seemed considerably less friendly to her than Bashar Al Assad
The band were famous for Morrissey's bleak but mordantly humorous lyrics and for Marr's distinctive melodic and jangly sound, which critics say helped return guitar-based music to popularity.
Already in a dark mood, Katie launches into a mordantly funny riff on life, death and breast cancer.
President Putin mordantly retorted on 24 July that 'the British officials are making proposals to change our Constitution that are insulting for our nation.
Williams embodies the fighting-Irish, chip-on-the-shoulder, mordantly humoured spirit of the Rock and they love the little rascal.
This book, he mordantly recognizes, has been compiled by an underling who "intends, / As th'Irish rebels wont were to sell heads, / So to make prize of these.
Martin finds a poem mordantly questioning both the progress of modernity and the ancient ideology of heroism at one and the same time.
These so-called "bobos in paradise," mordantly skewered by cultural critics of both the left and right, have wedded cultural rebellion to free-market fundamentalism.
but that he himself mordantly, indeed demonically, asserts and embodies.