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Synonyms for morbidness

an abnormally gloomy or unhealthy state of mind

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In addition to his genius, his loneliness, and his morbidness, it must be taken into consideration that he knew nothing about women.
The readers are placed in the unfortunate position, which Diana Taylor points out in Disappearing Acts, "'of just watching'--a position often associated with voyeurism and morbidness, even disempowerment" (141).
Contract notice: Conception-realization for the study and construction of pavilions on the territory of morbidness.
more fell for that in his frantic morbidness he at last came to
It is logical that Herkimer voices the apparent duality of interpretive options facing protagonist and reader once the serpent has moved out of the scene without ever appearing clearly in it: "Roderick Elliston, whether the serpent was a physical reptile, or whether the morbidness of your nature suggested that symbol to your fancy, the moral is no less true and strong" (10:283).
She was never into the morbidness She wanted those present to wear what makes them happy.
The satisfactory functional results were: periodical morbidness during movements in adjacent joints generally associated with physical exercise and weather changing, restriction of movements in adjacent joints not more than to 100, partial recovery of capacity for work of upper extremities.