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a legally authorized postponement before some obligation must be discharged

suspension of an ongoing activity

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CMS is also increasing its oversight efforts through the use of heightened screening and investigative tools for new providers in the moratoria areas.
CMS announced it is extending for six months and expanding statewide the temporary provider enrollment moratoria on new Medicare Part B non?
The statewide expansion of the temporary moratoria coupled with the PEWD will allow CMS to continue to target fraud within these services while granting individual enrollment waivers.
This Article aims to situate regulatory moratoria within the existing literature on political control of the administrative state.
1) One emerging tool for political control, however, has slipped by largely unnoticed: regulatory moratoria.
temporary development bans, such as suspensions or moratoria directed by
Moratoria, as a policy option, play a key role in the
Cambridge Dictionary--Moratorium: noun [C] plural, moratoriums or moratoria
During the first six months of 2008, the state legislatures of Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York considered legislation to impose moratoria on foreclosures, and legislation for a national moratorium was introduced in the U.
However, the clamor for compulsory foreclosure moratoria grew louder as the Depression worsened and the number of foreclosures rose.
Our concern is that people will see [the] Tahoe [ruling] as the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for moratoria," says Christopher Senior, director of legal services for the NAHB.
As a result, the APA says it's not expecting or encouraging any sort of post-Tahoe moratoria mania.
In the administration's experience, HUD has not curtailed the interest accrued during the moratoria as long as the servicer followed certain procedures.
Moratoria on public blessing rites for homosexual couples and on the election of any bishop who is living in a same-gender union.
HUD has indicated that lenders will be given additional time to commence foreclosures after the moratoria end and, for loans already in foreclosure, interest will not be curtailed.