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Synonyms for moralizing

teaching morality

Synonyms for moralizing

indulgence in moral pronouncements

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There are very few London people, as I fancy, who have not attended at these meetings, and all with a taste for moralizing must have thought, with a sensation and interest not a little startling and queer, of the day when their turn shall come too, and Mr.
But I forget that I am moralizing in the most interesting part of my tale, and your looks remind me to proceed.
Therefore, before we engage ourselves in deep moralizing, with surge of distress for the events in Europe and beyond, we better ask ourselves for the motives which caused the "demo-Christians" from DPMNE and the "honorable believers" from BDI to easy forget about our domestic black spots: the missing persons from 2001, concludes Zekoli.
The lecture was delivered by Mohamed Moslih, member of the local council of Ulema (Muslim scholars) in the eastern city of Oujda, on "Friday sermon and its role in moralizing public life.
Summary: Morocco is set to forge ahead with moralizing public life and fighting corruption and economic crimes, Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi said on Tuesday.
In some papers, traditional approaches of textual analysis reveal a deep and enlightening dialogue between Ovid and subsequent authors: on the one hand, the Ovidian myth becomes the clue to the explanation of a later text (Zak 188-89: Narcissus's story provides the frame to understand the experience of the self in Petrarch); on the other hand, the moralizing attitude detected in Medieval reception of Ovid accounts for major discrepancies between Christian exegesis (of the commentaries on Metamorphoses) and pagan exegesis (of the visual programs related to commentaries), as Patricia Zalamea expounds ("At the Ovidian Pool: Christine de Pizan's Fountain of Wisdom as a Locus for Vision" 91-106).
Moralizing makes people feel guilty by emphasizing their failure to live up to certain standards.
Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents has much to offer the contemporary student of rhetoric, presidential discourse, political science, and government regarding the ideas of phronesis, moralizing rhetoric, and the U.
To JOSE MANUEL BARROSO, the former Portuguese premier--and former Maoist student firebrand--who lashed out at moralizing politicians who wish to restrict personal freedoms such as speaking out about Islamic violence because it is politically incorrect.
As long as the Bill Bennetts of the world are intent on using not just persuasion but force (and public funds) on behalf of their favorite virtues--promoting premarital abstinence through federal programs, banning legal protections for same-sex unions, censoring sexually explicit materials, waging the war on drugs--libertarians can be forgiven for fearing even noncoercive moralizing on their part.
Meanwhile, the "sexual health" manager of the Waterloo Regions says, when speaking to the youth, "Keep the discussions open as opposed to shutting the discussion down by lecturing and moralizing.
1734, or Manet's Boy Blowing Bubbles, 1867, also use that illusionism to facilitate aphoristic moralizing.
Puff begins the work by briefly tracing the historiography of early modern sexuality and sodomy, running from the didactic (and ironic) moralizing of Ranke and Burkhardt through the groundbreaking work of Foucault to the latest studies by Michael Rocke, Jonathan Goldberg, and Mark Jordan, to name only a few.
The focus of this column is specifically relevant ethical considerations without segueing into either a public policy debate, judgmental moralizing, or an amateur discussion of relevant legal issues.
Unlike Kevin Smith's Dogma, which got bogged down by its own sour moralizing, or that other Jesus film by Mel Gibson, JVCH never gets preachy or overbearing (save for one short sermon, happily free of any proselytizing).