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Synonyms for moralization

indulgence in moral pronouncements

the act of making moral (or more moral)


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259) and avoiding moralization of politics and maintaining politics at the level of interests.
He told an interviewer: ''There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility.
For the Premier, "the establishment of good governance policies and conditions necessary to the moralization of political life constitutes an essential tool in fighting poverty and achieving food security.
The simplicity of his characters, his films with almost no word devoid of all kind of moralization are perhaps the recipe for Saleem's original and exotic work--originality and exoticism that are not disconnected from his unique life pathway.
Indeed, we argue that the HPV campaign is illustrative of the moralization of health, a convergence of the regulatory discourses of moralization and medicalization in an era of biopolitics.
His death has eternally enlivened his cartoons which have become noble and potent sketches of resistance, defiance and moralization," Al-Maqaleh added.
He concludes that the often precarious link between the main body of the narrative and its moralization may not be the sign of masterly complexity, as often claimed.
Demographic Winter possesses a quality that can be either a strength or a weakness, depending on your audience and goals: it avoids moralization or religious pronouncements, approaching the issue from a scientific, databased perspective.
We will be looking at the ways in which criticism might reopen public space, combat the moralization of politics and imperialist domination, engage with the pressures and possibilities of a rapidly changing globalized world, and maybe even return to the exigencies of judgment.
The difficulty is that the problematizations that stimulate projects of governance are never free of moralization.
While the Romulus Nilantii and Kalilah wa Dimnah claim to instruct by means of a philosophie, Amer observes that the former is a closed text in which every fable is accompanied by a didactic Christian moralization, whereas the latter is an open text that provides no explicit interpretations and requires the audience to participate in constructing meaning (53).
He refutes the idea that the Enlightenment is today's leading frame of thought, because the moralization of cognitive propositions is exactly the opposite of what the Enlightenment demanded.
By moving away from objective observation toward subjective moralization, autohistorians are supposed to create new ways of understanding the past that speak to the needs and beliefs of their communities.
Toledo said Belaunde, who is dean of the Lima bar association (Colegio de Abogados), will not investigate past cases of corruption, but rather construct a "culture of moralization.
In his Libellus proverbiorum (Little Book of Proverbs), written in the mid-twelfth century for the edification of monks and novices, Galand offers a series of maxims, parables, and proverbial stories, each with a brief moralization.