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an allegorical play popular in the 15th and 16th centuries

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Set in the 1880s, when London was dark and dangerous, it's a morality play in the guise of a classic Victorian horror story.
Jim Wallis ("A Bad Morality Play," February 2010) beautifully exposed the false dichotomy between greedy, casino capitalism and communism.
Little did he know that he would still be presenting JB Priestley's classic morality play An Inspector Calls two decades later.
If the message is framed as an "us versus them" morality play, you need to separate yourself from the message by showing you are not "them.
My Own Worst Enemy, however, is not a morality play and has no tragic sensibility or sobering lesson.
Tamerlano is no morality play, and not big on forgiveness.
Put bluntly, The Beggars Opera is a morality play about highwaymen and whores, acted out by beggars and harlots.
Spitzer's rise and fall was the most satisfying morality play New York has put on in years.
It also created a little morality play with the union filling the role of villain, and provided journalists with easy metaphors.
Their version of the morality play, The Pilgrimage, has won them a place as one of 40 regional finalists in a national contest that attracted more than 1,000 entries from schools, colleges and youth theatres.
The way the corporation drifted from that role is a story that has all the elements of a neoconservative morality play.
Whatever you think of this lesson, it is by no means a simple story: the shift from mystery genre to didactic genre provides no opportunity to introduce the voice of the islanders, who are silenced in new ways, and cast, yet again, as exemplary types in the latest morality play about the survival of, mostly, Western civilization.
In a nutshell: Nighy and Macdonald give exquisitely droll and sensitive performances as lonely, timid souls in this beautifully understated yet impassioned, delicately funny yet assertively outraged morality play.
Another temptation is to turn the Holocaust into a morality play with the Nazis taking the role of evil incarnate.