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an allegorical play popular in the 15th and 16th centuries

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Well for a start, for this Independence Day, what those of us outside can do is not keep the morality play alive for another decade.
Morality plays were public interventions, not conundrums to be chewed over, and Norris has taken the theatrical spirit of the original form, all masks and masquerades, and given it a contemporary spin.
In January '07, CSC inaugurates a new studio series featuring three classic dramas: Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter, the medieval morality play Everyman performed with puppets and Euripides' The Women of Troy.
It is history now, and history, for better or worse, is not a morality play.
Yet Kemp remains one of a handful of critics to even conceive of Unsworth as a British writer, much less recognize his marked achievements in the novel, despite Unsworth's having won the Booker Prize for his novel Sacred Hunger in 1992 and being short-listed for the Booker for Pascali's Island (1980) and Morality Play (1995).
the epic morality play known as as American history," (21) black villainy has been essential to defining white virtue.
CRASH is a haunting modern morality play, unearthing uncomfortable universal truths about prejudice in us all.
Sutter's political maneuvering with Mexican and Washington politicians, as well as the brutal assault on his property and family by "stampeding mobs of people," are crisply set down in this mix of morality play, Greek tragedy, and reportage.
Mar 12 (Sat): Confetti Stage announces auditions for The Emperor's New Clothes, a mediaeval morality play by Blanche Marvin.
By the end the age-old answer of the morality play has duly been trotted out - yes, the bluebird of happiness is always in your own backyard.
Based on novelist Barry Unsworth's book Morality Play.
Woodward paints the President as almost the victim of a morality play that his aides were performing.
Wall Street (Twentieth Century Fox, 1987) Oliver Stone looks under the rock of the American Dream and finds some nasty stuff in this morality play about avarice and corruption.
For instance, it would unravel the tidy little morality play concocted by the international establishment in which the Serbs, alone among the numerous parties involved in the tragic and horrifying Balkan civil wars, were deemed guilty of aggression and horrible atrocities.
BBC Schools Commissioner, Karen Johnson, said: ``This modern morality play continues BBC education's strong support for Citizenship issues.