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narrowly and conventionally moral

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There are much better ways to make them responsible and moralistic human beings and add value to the world than to distract them by telling them that their gender is what they need to be aware of.
They further suggested that the MQOS subscales Tentativeness, Ecumenism, Exploration, and Moralistic Interpretation suggest a tentative and curious person, who is "not beholden to Biblical literalism" (p.
There's nothing moralistic about that - it's doing the right thing.
I think there was a little bit of a moralistic sort of 'I'll teach you how to be free
Dean writes, "The faith most teenagers exhibit is a loveless version that the NSYR calls Christianity's 'misbegotten step-cousin,' Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, which is 'supplanting Christianity as the dominant religion in American churches.
This author has obviously good intentions but this story is strongly moralistic and children can easily spot a lecture.
The author urges educators to replace moralistic views and the puritan work ethic with a new homework paradigm based on designing quality homework tasks, deemphasizing grading of homework, and implementing homework support strategies.
Scratch the surface of GM technology and you find it currently has nothing to do with the high minded moralistic aims ascribed to it by the biotech companies and the promoters paid to push it.
Probably because its deeply moralistic tone traps it within the Victorian era.
I'm not on any moralistic crusade but as a Newcastle season ticket supporter I'm sick to death of all of us being projected on the national TV channels by the aforementioned performing monkeys in the background.
This film also has a moralistic story-line, though not anything new, but the whole film has been presented very well.
Schools and authorities have really taken their eye off the ball on this one, and continued to be all moralistic when they need to be practical.
This is a rollicking look at the hypocrisy of an age that saw an upsurge in the kind of moralistic nannying which formed a percursor to Victorian values.
Elizabeth Bennett from Pride And Prejudice because she is strong, moralistic and determined with a good heart.
Political correctness is the moralistic and censorial arm of a belief system according to which the West has been long tainted by values and prejudices that have led to systemic discrimination against, and marginalization of, certain groups.