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interpret the moral meaning of


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speak as if delivering a sermon

improve the morals of

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Moreover, as the Ovide Moralise shows, "the medieval appropriation of classical texts articulates the utilitas of pre-Christian texts, their potential to offer modes for comprehending or evaluating behaviors" (64).
But it says the Prostitute Tolerance Zone Bill offers the ''most realistic'' way to deal with it, adding: ''While we may wish to moralise, women are being assaulted, raped and murdered.
Though we are told that he was rumoured to have been an atheist, there is no mention at all of his probable involvement with espionage or of the circumstances of his death, and the only hint about his probable sexual preferences comes in Happe's terse remarking of his "refusal to moralise either about Edward's homosexuality or about his political ineptitude" (221).
But before we moralise, it is necessary to reflect on the practices of the market place in question.
I'm not here to moralise about the erotic industry but if you found the images intriguing, why not suggest you view them with your boyfriend?
This is what happens in the Roman de la rose moralise, where the allegorical apparatus becomes overly intricate and inconsistent, and more specifically in Molinet's Chappellet des dames, in which the divine is used to illustrate the secular, not the other way around.
It is the only place prostitutes can come to and feel they will be dealt with by people who will not moralise about how they lead their life.
Peter Hollins of the BHF said: "The point of the campaign is not to lecture, still less to moralise, but to give people practical help.
All aspects of the Orpheus myth and its implications, as well as its allegorical treatment in the fourteenth-century Ovide moralise, are reviewed.
But talking about his children - Kimberly, 18, Sean, 17, Ruby, 10, Renee, four, and two-year-old Liam - he said: "It's hard for me to moralise because I take drugs.