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anything that serves to increase morale

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Microsoft's commitment in the 'Retail Champs' program is to offer periodic one-to-one training updates, classroom trainings, certification, incentives, and morale building events.
We needed to do some teambuild-ing exercises and some morale building, [and to build] some esprit de corps to become a highly functional, highly effective organization.
Now as president of Inovar, Carlin ensures to balance the right mix of morale building with leadership focus activities to achieve the company's objectives.
The notion of putting a Tim Hortons at Kandahar Airfield (KAF) shows the CF is willing to put big bucks on morale building.
Delegates were treated to some motivating and morale building presentations about the work of gerontology nurses.
Harty and his football panel trained last Sunday morning in Ardmore before heading up to the game at Pairc Ui Chaoimh in a morale building exercise.
He used to bring home some of the amputee patients from the VA hospitals for dinner, the ones he knew needed some morale building,'' Evelyn said.
Navy Special Warfare Command including a 5,500 Navy Special Operations Force including Navy SEALS world-wide, Admiral Smith will also comment on the values of teamwork, morale building, learning to look out for one another and maintaining one's spirit in the face of extreme hardship and adversity.
Heartbeat--Serving Wounded Warriors provides emergency assistance, morale building and innovative therapeutic services, support groups and morale-building programs for wounded service members and their families in Washington State.
of 1018 HR professionals, morale building, staffing and reducing benefit costs take up a majority of their day.
He went to Germany at the invitation of the national squad for a morale building get-together on the eve of the Group C clash.
He wasn't present for the graft on the training ground and didn't experience the bonding and morale building which has made the first few weeks of the season far more enjoyable than they should have been.
Knowing you can take yourself off anytime, if you want to, is comforting and morale building.