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anything that serves to increase morale

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But if it exceeds 50 percent, as we hope, it will be a major morale booster for the next Parliament," Al-Khalfan told AFP.
Morale booster for Ironman World Championship in Hawaii
Tangye's been such a morale booster for the lads but he can't do what he loves doing here anymore - it's too risky.
He termed the victory as a morale booster and turning point for future.
A good display and a real morale booster for Eaglescliffe, but credit also to Skelton for hanging in there and displaying a fine attitude.
They also said that the victory at a time when people were a bit demoralized due to the prevailing situation and it served as a great morale booster.
They were greeted like friends and told they 'looked better than last week' A great morale booster for them.
The Limerick Champion Stakes, which commences tomorrow night at the Markets Field, is being sponsored by a group of local enthusiasts and should be a great morale booster to the greyhound racing fraternity in the mid west.
Amid the almost daily news of job losses and cancelled dividends by pub operators, there was a rare morale booster for those in the licensed trade this week as boffins denounced the unfortunate phenomenon of brewer's droop as nothing more than a myth.
But was Lebanon who got a morale booster before the interval, Chris Salem selling a dummy and going over.
I knew it would be a great morale booster for our team if I won the first singles match,'' said Zhang, who avenged her loss to Tjiptawan in the 1994 final when Tjiptawan made her Uber Cup debut as a member of the triumphant Indonesian national team.
This is the biggest morale booster I have seen for active and retired personnel since we have been publishing information on military travel opportunities for our armed forces," said Ann Crawford, Publisher of Military Living Publications.
But while there is undoubtedly a lot to be learned through convention attendance, there are those who see the whole thing as just a bit of a morale booster.
It has proven to be a significant morale booster, which cascades down to other staff members.
The event was described by the airline as a morale booster for employees who agreed to CAD1bn a year in concessions to help the airline survive, reports The Associated Press.