moral principle

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the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group

the principle that conduct should be moral

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That is, just as we should not assume that quick assent to a moral principle means that we could have determined it on our own, neither should we assume that it is innate because of our quick assent.
F) stands in contrast to (D), which says that the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment is not tied in any way to the framers' views about it, except by expressing a moral principle they accept.
Yet our nation is ignoring this basic moral principle by failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
at least guarantees that promises ought to be kept, ceteris paribus, and that the moral principle
The insertion of human rights into these IGO programs shows that a moral principle had to be assessed on its utilitarian value: Applications of the principle had to be shown as instrumental to the interests of the IGOs (e.
Keynote reports will be delivered on the following topics: The European Social Model - expectations and perspectives; The role of the social and civil dialogue for the European Social Model development; Corporate social responsibility - moral principle or standard?
If there is any moral principle that is fundamental in the Christian tradition, it is this: One may never directly take the life of an innocent person in the name of God.
I wish they had acted, at the beginning, from moral principle, rather than from expedience.
Absolute altruism is the moral principle that requires total sacrifice of one's self-interests in order to serve the interests of others.
The moral principle of beneficence refers to the responsibility to help clients gain something positive from engaging in counseling.
Thomas suggests that a norm's grounding in a moral principle somehow reinforces its authority and the likelihood of actors' compliance with the norm.
Any moral principle is partly constituted by some such "normative basis" (vary the basis and what the principle specifies as reasons may vary as well).
Conservatives, meanwhile, have turned to Lincoln to demonstrate the possibility of a politics based on moral principle.
57) When employing that form of reasoning, the reasoner might begin with normative judgments about particular examples, or she might begin with some general moral principle that she accepts.
Let us say that a moral principle is more general than another to the extent to which it covers a wider range of cases, and more specific to the extent to which it covers a narrower range.