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the philosophical study of moral values and rules

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In fact, three of the major movements in Twentieth Century Anglophone moral philosophy rejected the traditionally normative character of the field altogether, insisting instead on a meta-ethics which examines the meaning of moral language, while a fourth, virtue ethics, sought and still seeks to appropriate and reinvigorate a neo-Aristotelian concentration on the contextual character of moral action (which seems like exactly what Ryn is seeking).
Modern Moral Philosophy may be seen as an attempt made by a fervent Catholic to convince the atheists to accept the content and the absolute character of some divine commands, without giving up their vision of the world.
An article of hedonism and virtue reveals the growing place that is assigned to a moral philosophy on pleasure in the various accounts of motivation and value.
For Weinstein, however, the greatest impediment to a thorough appreciation of Smith's moral philosophy is the specter of Immanuel Kant.
In his final chapter, Lee examines the connection in Petrarch's writings between eloquence and moral philosophy.
The third hurdle facing the Enlightenment project, including its post-modern aftermood, has been its inability to establish a clear, unambiguous differentiation between moral philosophy and ethics.
Medicine did save the life of ethics, by drawing moral philosophy out of the realm of abstract theory and general principles into the tumult of cases in which decisions must be made amid changing, diverse circumstances.
Like all important discoveries, Shakespeare's value in moral philosophy can only be articulated in relation to developments in certain auxiliary sciences, in this case ethics, social theory, and the science of human motivation.
Silliman, Sentience and Sensibility: A Conversation About Moral Philosophy is a treatise written in the venerable format of philosophical dialogue between individuals, in which characters actively challenge each other to clarify their ideas and defend their reasoning.
Carolina Academic Press (Durham, NC) has published "Corporations: Cases and Materials," a new casebook that examines the impact of history, political and moral philosophy, sociology, psychology and economics on the study of corporate law.
Now you clearly understand the difference between old fashioned ethics, moral philosophy, and today's ethics, moral intelligence.
Perhaps it is time, like Evans, to make unorthodox choices based on a moral philosophy, one that cares about our fellow women and men at home and around the world.
Thus, Witherspoon's version of moral philosophy represented a conservative Presbyterian appropriation of Francis Hutcheson's version of "the moral sense" and so paralleled similar convictions at work in the Federalist Papers and much of the sociopolitical thinking of the era.
If the Iraqis have the right, as they do under international law and under any moral philosophy, to resist foreign invaders of their country (then) that must include the man who is giving the orders.
The second module of Bowen and Heath's training program offers a brief overview of the basic ethical principles found in moral philosophy.