moral hazard

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(economics) the lack of any incentive to guard against a risk when you are protected against it (as by insurance)

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Moral hazard is a metaphor, an expression derived from the economics of insurance.
The Charybdis whirlpool of systemic risk has hopefully been avoided, but the moral hazard of Scylla is licking its chops.
Although moral hazard has only recently been identified as a problem of humanitarian intervention, (2) it has been examined extensively in economics.
Moral Hazard won by four lengths from David Brace's Pink Eyed Pedro, partnered by his 16-year-old grandson Connor Brace who, with four wins this season, is making a bold bid for the gentlemen novice riders' championship.
Moral hazard is something that occurs when someone increases their exposure to risk when insured.
The researchers sought to isolate the relative significance of adverse selection and moral hazard in accounting for differences in their expenditures.
But bailing them out has sown the seeds for some future market crisis precisely because of the moral hazard engendered by the bailout.
We have chosen to focus our attention on client-contractor relationships in the construction industry for two main reasons, even if there are a number of other industries where moral hazard problems are very important, e.
With the parliament's Thursday decision to pass a law that will allow the sale of loans to third parties, even with the amendment proposed by DIKO, which gives a borrower a last minute opportunity to negotiate its purchase from the bank, "the major moral hazard has been avoided," Bank of Cyprus' director of corporate affairs Michalis Persianis said.
Moral hazard has helped student debt balloon to $1.
According to the theory of utility maximization and moral hazard, health insurance coverage can increase individuals' healthcare expenditures.
The texts examined are Garner's Monkey Grip (1977) and The Spare Room (2008); and Kate Jennings' Moral Hazard (2002) and the anthology of essays and short stories, Trouble: Evolution of a Radical/Selected Writings 1970-2010, which the author has described as her "stand-in for memoir.
The propensity for moral hazard associated with each network type is explicated, and mechanisms for mitigating the cost/benefit of such dysfunctions are addressed.
com)-- Kirk Chisholm at Innovative Advisory Group has proposed a permanent solution to the excessive risk-taking and moral hazard problem at the “too big to fail” U.
The panopticon is simply a version of the conventional moral hazard problem in which agents alter their output when unobserved.