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an efficient incentive

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This speaks volume about his moral force, his capacity to shun filthy lucre, and his predilection for good behaviour, prudence, honesty, accountability and financial discipline.
Geldof, 66, said: "Having fought through moral force she comes to power democratically.
Which is ironic, because next to one's parents, people often credit good teachers as their biggest influence and the moral force that started them on the right path.
Theology and public service specialists and politicians from the UK discuss the role of the UK as a moral force in the world; tools for growing moral courage, in relation to moral decisions, moral perception, and moral character development; bringing together people who have hated each other for centuries, with emphasis on the Irish Peace Process; idealism and compromise, including the implications of moral authority and a sense of purpose; the role of the Benedictine community and honesty, peace, and accountability in Parliament Square; the Benedictine virtues of stability, community, and conversion of manners for public service; and the implications of these topics in light of current events like BritainAEs withdrawal from the European Union.
It can be viewed as illicitly seizing moral force rather than gaining it organically.
Most important, Ashoka was the first king in human history who set out to rule by moral force alone, laying the path for Gandhi some two millennia later.
Unless he expresses support for those members of Congress who believe the moment is long overdue to use the moral force of diplomacy rather than the force of bombs to settle disputes;
Addammer said that opposing this bill is in line with the World Health Organization-adopted Tokyo and Malta Declaration which states that Any decisions lack moral force if made involuntarily by use of threats, peer pressure or coercion.
Through their hate campaign and communal politics they prevent India from becoming a world leader, moral force.
It is the vision of a better world that gives the Labour movement their moral force and ability to inspire people.
warts-and-all, with no tarnish to the man's uniquely inspirational moral force.
He determined that a king should be a moral force for good, providing a model of virtuous family life.
His central thesis was that there exists a moral force that it is the source of religion and that this moral force is the "collective force" (p.
If the EU wants to be a moral force that will influence the rest of the world in a good way it has to be strict with itself," said the rapporteur, Louis Michel (ALDE, BE).
The unrelenting, uncompromising moral force of leadership is demanded now, perhaps in ways we haven't seen in the past.