moral excellence

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the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong

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By 1828 in America and 1848 in Europe the doctrine had arisen that all moral excellence, and with it all pure and unfettered sagacity, resided in the inferior four-fifths of mankind.
Academic excellence cannot be equated with moral excellence, Carter contends, so we cannot expect honors students to be less vulnerable to temptation than other students.
But moral excellence is not just a matter of means.
Physicians and surgeons should practice and teach medicine and conduct research to standards of intellectual and moral excellence.
To be a school of character, a community of virtue, is to be equally committed to two great goals: intellectual excellence and moral excellence.
We realize that manaqib literature outlines two competitive and egalitarian understandings of Muslim leadership, wherein one group, supporting Abu Bakr, believed that stewardship of the umma was best evaluated in terms of the greater moral excellence of the candidate in question, while the other advocated "a more radical egalitarianism" which prioritized moral behavior over the establishment of a just society.
Lincoln's recognition that if Northerners were surrounded by slavery they would support it just as Southerners did, that he and his fellow Northerners were not personally morally superior, "is a very hard doctrine for human beings generally, especially for those in the grip of some excellence, and in particular moral excellence.
The most basic quality of good leadership is character--an individual's moral excellence and distinguishing ethical integrity.
She has also encouraged an improvement in the already good GCSE and A/AS-level exam results and, perhaps most important of all, firmly established the spiritual and moral excellence of this Catholic college.
Contrary to his claim that common sense ethics is unlikely to produce moral excellence, a grounding of ethical judgment in the moral sense provides concrete resources for superlative ethical judgment and inspiration.
This is not the first time Japhet's programs, teachers and students have won recognition for academic and moral excellence.
Second, the military itself must strive for nothing less than moral excellence (and thus superiority) in the conduct of its members, without feeding misplaced attitudes of moral arrogance among them.
At its root, character is defined as moral excellence and firmness.
True love, in the image of Christian love, was "not a folly; in its purity, it is a noble, unselfish thing, the inspirer and friend of moral excellence.