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accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier

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Kettle Moraine High School, about a half dozen miles from Ten Chimneys, aims to answer Deklotz's question.
Canada) discuss the political battles fought over the Oak Rides Moraine, an ecologically important landform threatened by urban sprawl.
This was most obvious for barium oxide in moraine and mercury in brook water plants.
Thomas's sleeping bag was reportedly spotted by a trekker at the Moraine Camp at 16,240ft, where climbers spend the night before the summit.
Alex Prunty, a student in Moraine Park Technical College's Engine Research and Development (ERD), says that "dedication" is the first word that comes to mind when he thinks of rebuilding an engine.
After camping at Moraine Lake on Saturday, the group will go for the top early Sunday.
Moraine has received more than $700,000 in emergency funding to rebuild the Northlawn Avenue bridge, just west of Ohio 741, moving up its reopening from about two years to next fall.
Trzecinski CMI Award to Walter Villers, president, Moraine Valley Engineering Corp.
The automaker is likely to open Janesville, Wisconsin plant that produced the GMT900 SUVs until late last year, or Moraine, Ohio, which manufactured versions of the GMT360 platform until late last year.
Proportions of quartz, oxides, garnets, ferromagnesian silicates, feldspars and carbonates are very similar in till samples from the different moraines and from different places within the same moraine.
He and his colleagues carbon-dated samples of wood retrieved from sediments in lakes that had formed atop the rocky debris, or moraine, that had been pushed south by the advancing ice sheet.
Key words: Toronto, Greater Golden Horseshoe, Oak Ridges Moraine Plan, Greenbelt Plan, regional planning, nature, ecosystems planning, growth, regional governance.
Hughes had to work hard to get Subadar home in front of newcomer Golden Platitude, while Moraine boosted her paddocks value with a debut success in the fillies' maiden.