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cleaning with a mop


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Designed to mop and sweep hard floors like tiles and marble, the iRobot Braava Jet is a compact mopping robot equipped with a water spray and a vibrating head that fits disposable proprietarycleaning pads.
The mop is designed with a 360-degree rotating head and uses superabsorbent microfibre strands that won't drip or mess, so mopping is easier, cleaner and faster.
At the press of another button, you can select the surface you're mopping to dispense the right amount of steam for the job.
Microfiber has taken awhile for people to embrace, but now they're damp mopping and dusting and using it with just water," he said.
The bucketless microfiber Total Mop[TM] from Filmop eliminates "dirty water" mopping.
While the mop did take a little getting used to, it proved effective and it cut mopping time by 85 percent, she said.
After testing, one recommendation was to use less water during mopping to reduce the load.
Lola Products executives note that, unlike with standard sponge mops, the liquid in the dispenser remains clean so that the user avoids mopping with dirty bucket water.
Sandra Camwell claims she saw a cleaner mopping out the toilets before returning to the ward and using the same mop to clean the floors, when she visited her brother-in-law Paul in the hospital.