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a worker who uses a mop to clean a surface

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Lindroth P, Mopper K (1979) High performance liquid chromatographic determination of subpicomole amounts of amino acids by precolumn fluorescence derivatization with o-phthaldialdehyde.
He wasn't afraid but he just got fear in him") or they stated that the reason was that Mirette was not capable of going on the high wire ("Because she didn't get any practice in the beginning, because she was just a mopper floorer and she cleaned and he really didn't want her to do it because she needs to practice before she does it," and "Because he thought he'd be embarrassed").
Consequently, plants that flush new leaves and reproduce during the dry season should have a head start relative to plants that flush leaves during the wet season, since they will experience lower herbivory damage (Aide 1988, 1992, Mopper and Simberloff 1995).
Wechsler E, D'Auo C, Mill VA, Mopper J, Myers-Wiley D, O'Keeffe E, et al.
Such patterns are influenced not only by spatial variation in host plant abundance (Wiklund 1974, Courtney and Forsberg 1988) but also by spatial variation in host plant quality and local adaptation in insect populations (reviews in Denno and McClure 1983, Jaenike 1990, Via 1994, Mopper and Strauss 1998; examples in Singer and Parmesan 1993, Bossart and Scriber 1995, Mayhew 1997).
These trees have an abnormal shrub-like form and reduced ectomycorrhizal associations; they rarely produce healthy cones and they function, in effect, like male trees (Gehring & Whitham, 1991; Mopper et al.
Edmunds and Alstad 1978; Karban 1989; Nowak 1992; Mopper et al.
OPA reagent was made up in the proportions described by Lindroth and Mopper [43], and derivatization of the samples was done by mixing 10 [micro]L of calibrator solution or deproteinized plasma, 5 [micro]L of OPA reagent (36 mmol/L), and 35 [micro]L of water.
The Miami team, led by marine chemist Kenneth Mopper, observed the reaction in coastal waters and open ocean, in the tropical Sargasso Sea and along the Maine coast.
Tales of start-ups launched from a small back room with the company president serving as chief floor mopper are common in Oregon's high tech support industry.
Tenders are invited for National Hydrology Project SH Deployment of services for washing, mopping and cleaning of floors dusting cleaning of furniture and other installed infrastructure such as fixture and equipments sweeping and cleaning of flowers pots and to carry and deliver dak within and outside office miscellaneous and odd jobs of officers/officials including cost of all consumables such as floor cleaner soap detergent, duster cloth brooms, wiper mopper, brushers and all other required material and overall upkeep and watch and ward round o clock of State Level Data Center Building and all its campus during and after office hours at Dhangsidhar Distt Mandi H P for a period of 24 months Opening date : 15 Feb 2018 Period of contract : 24 Month
Thus, parasitism and competition differed in the magnitude of their impact in each population adapted to different hosts, perhaps as a result of local adaptation to their hosts, which has been proved as one of the main factors determining life history differences among populations (Van Zandt and Mopper 1998; Amarillo-Suarez and Fox 2006; Stillwell et al.
This could be a result of local adaptation of the grasshopper (Hanks and Denno, 1994; Mopper and Strauss, 1998), as only grasshoppers collected from Michigan were used in these experiments.