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the handle of a mop

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It's understood an argument took place between two men, one of whom was then attacked with a metal mop handle.
During the chase, he picked up a mop handle and at one point was caught on CCTV using it to strike one of the men.
The Dundee University student, 24, connected a webcam to his laptop, and then taped it to a mop handle before balancing on a window ledge below the couple's bedroom.
An old mop handle or broom handle serves as the bat.
Police say Green slammed 30-year-old Teriyonal Ebony Flowers into a wall, then struck her right arm with an aluminum mop handle.
A tumor, hard and knobby as a mop handle, protrudes into his gut.
McCormick was also in breach of a suspended sentence for an affray where he was involved in a security guard being threatened with a knife and hit with a mop handle in 2004.
You nearly killed me," I corrected her, dumping her off, removing the mop handle from my forehead and wringing the hot suds from my sweatshirt.
The Total Mop's dispenser snaps onto the lightweight aluminum mop handle and holds enough cleaning solution or disinfectant to clean as much as 5,000 square feet of flooring.
The researchers discovered considerable side forces are induced on the mop handle during wiping.
After traditional methods failed to remove the corn, it occurred to the farm-raised World War II veteran that he might save the cow by inserting a mop handle down her throat and pushing the corn into her stomach.
Via judicious use of a circular saw combined with a mop handle she unleashes a hilarious defence for which Sam Raimi would be proud to fill out paternity forms.
So now they will get a piece of the mop head, mop handle and the floor cleaning solution and deliver a cleaner, easier-to-maintain floor than current alternatives.
This ball of swords protects a central stalk the size of a mop handle, which is surmounted by a foamy white bloom.
In Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, a 13-year-old boy is accused of beating a 22-year-old female neighbor with a mop handle and then raping her.