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Synonyms for mop

Synonyms for mop

cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle

to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop

make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip

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Recently, Two Maids & A Mop has provided some suggestions for how to keep your house clean and free of clutter if you are a pet owner.
Hardly a man or woman with any pretensions to selfrespect could be seen at the Mop last Monday, and the thousands were composed of shouting hobbledehoys, screaming girls, drunken men and shouting women.
In a letter sent to Alex telling him of his dismissal, bosses said: "It is alleged that on September 1 you had a colleague order the following cleaning products without the authorisation of your line manager - one dry mop sweeper.
Twelve years ago, we created a vision to become the nation's most innovative cleaning concept," said Ron Holt, CEO and founder of TWO MAIDS & A MOP.
According to Reuters, the apex bank has said that it was seeking to mop up KES10bn of excess liquidity in term auction deposits (TADs) and repurchase agreements (repos).
The many features include a detachable steamer for hand use, dense micro-fibre fitted cloth mop head, 60 degree universal joint and integrated cord wrap hook.
The mop is designed with a 360-degree rotating head and uses superabsorbent microfibre strands that won't drip or mess, so mopping is easier, cleaner and faster.
8m and has green roofing felt, a * For cleaning up after DIY, there's a great new product from Black & Decker - the Steam Mop.
based Stanley Black & Decker say the SmartSelect Technology customer can choose a specific floor type--sealed hardwood/laminate, tile/vinyl or stone/marble--and the mop automatically releases the right amount of steam.
The Shark brand of Euro-Pro used the International Home + House-wares Show to underscore its position as a pioneer in steam floor cleaning with the introduction of the Pro Steam Pocket Mop.
Butler launched two major mop introductions at the show: The Mr.
The MOP could easily strike Iran's buried uranium enrichment site at Natanz, which is believed to be about 75 feet underground.
The precision-guided, 30,000-pound (13,636 kilos) Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, is designed to destroy potential targets such as deeply buried facilities that are beyond the reach of existing penetrating bombs.
ABC News reported that the departments which requested the MOP had responsibility over North Korea and Iran.