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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

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While we think of our Alaska-Yukon moose as being the largest of all, the moose of Siberia's Kamchatka Peninsula, just oposite Alaska, are also giants.
Every dollar raised through the sales of Moose Plates goes directly to supporting designated programs in New Hampshire.
Afflicted moose are weakened by blood loss and in the attempt to dislodge the parasites, they often rub against trees which removes their insulating fur, making them prone to hypothermia.
XL will continue operations as normal under its current management at its Manchester, Iowa, plant now as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bull Moose Industries.
Once native to New York and found mostly in the Adirondack Mountain region, moose were extirpated before 1900 due to unregulated hunting and loss of habitat.
It was a difficult job as we wanted to retain a Moose feel but at the same time add a more sophisticated look and ambience," says Moose's Harry van Breemen.
Although moose (Alces alces) migrate long distances in northern interior Alaska (Mauer 1998), prior to this study little was known about migratory patterns in the upper Koyukuk River drainage where land and moose management is complicated by a mosaic of lands administered by the State of Alaska, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and private entities (Fig.
Written with kindness and humor in a lilting, rhythmic style that hints at the speech patterns of Jamaicans, the story of Little Moose and the difficulties she's having at school, all because she can't get a good night's sleep, will resonate with children whose active imaginations also keep them awake at night.
Demonic Toxin @DevilishToxin I heard the moose today, oh boy.
The moose was near the Charlton-Brookfield town line, and while it made its way out of the area before police arrived, had it been struck by a car, someone could have been killed.
In Sweden, moose are hunted on an area of 370,000 [km.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Moose, 81, suffered a fractured ankle in June, and after several surgeries, developed a staph infection.
Contest entrants were invited to post their name suggestions on the Moose Tracks Facebook page at www.
Williams hunted moose on Fort Richardson in Anchorage.
Various chemical repellents, visual and acoustic devices, and tree sheltering methods and devices have all been used in attempts to prevent moose damage to Scots pine in young sapling stands (e.