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open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather and bracken and moss


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Many of these solutions were explored when the Powys Moorland Partnership (PMP) held its first community engagement session in Hay last week.
Moorland Gate is a multi-let investment comprising twenty-four lettings totalling 125,120 sq.
Combined with occasional, but often widespread, moorland fires, large areas of the moors were deprived of the binding effect of roots and the weather protection of foliage.
Mr Elias is right, there is no single approach for moorland wildlife.
Bernie McLinden, the North York Moors National Park Authority's head of park management, said: "Past episodes have shown that under these tinderbox conditions, moorland fires can spread extremely quickly, causing significant damage to the landscape and its wildlife.
I believe passionately that integrated moorland management, with grouse shooting as the lynch pin, can produce the greatest level of benefits for wildlife, landscape and local economies.
Adrian Blackmore, Moorlands Director, Countryside Alliance
A source said: "Sean Mercer has gone from being the top dog at Moorland to a scared little boy out of his depth.
Moorland was described as "shabby" when last inspected in 2008 and the union blames funding cuts for the rioting.
Air pollution, fires, grazing, climate change and recreational trampling have caused the erosion of large areas of the moorland.
Moorland fires are also costly and time consuming for firefighters.
A NEW tool has been produced to reduce rogue moorland fires that ravaged miles of moorland in the region last year.
A young woman at the time, Amelia Moorland witnessed the drowning suicide of her best friend.
Moorland and attorney Arthur Barnette Spingarn] present evidence that should have made notions of Black intellectual inferiority and of pseudoscientific racism clearly unfounded.